Jaya Sarana was first established in 1979 by Mr Steven Ooi, his vision was to be a complete fire safety and protection specialist. Our headquarters was and still remains in Penang; a Free Trade Zone since 1969 where many multinational electronic and semi-conductor companies setup their manufacturing plants. Jaya Sarana was very much involved throughout the 1980s in most of these construction projects.  During the 1990s our business enjoyed steady growth as we increased our footprint around Malaysia through industrial facilities, oil & gas and commercial projects.

We have continued to develop and expand our capabilities, and today we operate not only in Malaysia, but also throughout Asia, with offices in Southeast Asian Countries, Hong Kong and China. With five subsidiaries and associate companies, we provide a number of fire protection products and services from design and supply, to installation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment and accessories.

Beyond providing top quality fire safety and protection related services, the Jaya Sarana Group of Companies is also involved in supplying specialised vehicles and equipment to Fire and Rescue, Environmental Protection and Communication departments. Today, we are looking to provide an even more comprehensive service to our clients, and under Mr Ken Ooi’s leadership we have expanded our expertise into other related mechanical and electrical services.


At Jaya Sarana Group of Companies, we pride ourselves in consistently providing dependable and effective fire protection products and systems to our clients. Fire safety and protection is not merely a business to us; as one of the leaders of the industry, our top priority is in ensuring competence and integrity in all that we do. Our absolute commitment in placing efficiency above profitability is something our clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers can expect and depend on, always.


Applying what we call our “Total System Approach”, we are a one-stop centre, providing a complete range of fire safety and protection services. From initial consultancy to management and implementation, we constantly deliver within costs and specifications according to our clients’ requirements, in a timely fashion. With special emphasis on tested designs, equipment and accessories derived from years of experience working closely with authorities, consultants, suppliers and owners, the success of our “Total System Approach” reflects on the underlying strength of our engineering and support infrastructure, and is proof of our solid capability in project management, planning and implementation. We have in recent years, complimented our Total System Approach with our GRIT Mission (please see Mission Statement for further clarification), as perseverance enables us to consistently overcome various obstacles and hurdles we face as we move towards greater accomplishments.  By incorporating and applying our “Total System Approach” to our GRIT Mission, this has lead us to achieve better synergies of our products and services, backed by a team of skilled professionals committed to delivering the best to all our clients.